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Living With Food Allergies

  • Do food allergies pose a threat to your family?
  • Are you anxious about eating outside of your home or controlled environments?
  • Are you currently limited with travel, events, social activities, and public settings due to food allergies?
  •  Do you feel food allergies pose a big threat to you and your family's safety and well-being?
  • Are you fearful of an allergic reaction that requires medical attention?  
  • Do you have a food allergy prevention and allergy management plan?

Experiencing Life Without Unexpected Reactions

  • Prodigy Biosciences is an innovative company with a new approach to individual food testing.
  • By creating personalized medicine approaches to allergy management, food allergies become less restrictive.
  • Our products allow you to take control of your life with allergies by giving you the power of on-site food testing, specific to your allergens.
  • Experience normal day to day activities with a confirmed allergy prevention plan.

Gaining Power Over Your Food Allergens

  • Easy on site, personalized food testing.
  • Reliable results within a timely manner. 
  • Have confidence knowing food restrictions are confirmed.
  • No longer be intimidated by unknown food choices.
  • Eliminate risky food consumption. 
  • Safely enjoy the simple pleasures of eating  outside of your controlled environment.
  • Take control of your food allergies and reduce the opportunity of an allergic reaction.


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